PhD Studies


Important: Prior to submitting an application please contact the Head of the Doctoral Committee Prof. Ifat Maoz in order to confirm eligibility and availability of relevant advisors  Email: 

Applying is possible for graduate students who have concluded their studies in a known establishment, in Israel or abroad, and that their MA grade average is at least 90, as well as their grade on their thesis paper.

Tenured applicants must include in their applications, an official letter from their doctoral advisor, who must be a member of HUJI’s tenure staff.

In order to apply to the doctorate track, applications are to be filed at the Authority for Research students:

The department holds a committee to decide which of the applicants are accepted to the program..

Phase 1

Writing the research proposal, with the advisor’s guidance and submitting to the Authority for Research students up to 18 months from the advisory acceptance date to the program. Moving on to Phase 2 requires the approval of the screening  committee, which includes the authority as well as advisors from the department.

Phase 2

Dissertation  actively preforming the research and writing the paper with the advisor’s guidance.

Dissertation  submitting progress reports to the members of the committee and submitting the paper for review is required within 5 years of registering as a phase 1 student.

Doctorate’s must participate regularly in the departments ‘seminars, conferences and symposiums.

It is also required that they participate twice (once in each phase) in the doctorate’s seminar course.