Why study communications at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem?

The Corona pandemic and its aftermath have demonstrated and clarified just how central media and communications have become to all spheres of human activity, from the most personal (connecting with relatives and friends through new social and technological networks), to the institutional and economic (online learing, work, entertainment, and

commerce), and the political and global (the role of media in events of national and global importance). It has become almost impossible to conceive of human life in the contemporary era without the presence and continued influence of media technologies and communication processes.

The Department of Communication and Journalism at the Hebrew University is one of the worlds’ leading institutions for scholarship and teaching in communications and media studies. It is ranked first in Israel, among the top ten departments in Europe, and twenty-fifth among the communications departments in the world. It offers study at all academic levels:

* BA in Communications. A three-year degree, with the option of single or dual major and an honors program for outstanding students.

* MA in Communications. The degree usually takes between one and a half and two years of study (3-4 semesters). Studies are offered in a research track (which includes a final thesis) or a non-research track, and students choose one of four streams: Internet and New Media; Political Communication and Psychological Processes in the Digital Era; Digital Screens: Media, Culture and Cinema; and Multidisciplinary Communication Studies.

* Doctorate in Communications (Ph.D). The doctoral program usually takes 4-5 years and is primarily based on supervised research leading to the submission of a dissertation.

The BA and MA programs are primarily taught in Hebrew, with the exception of a small number of courses. For a more detailed outline of our programs please consult our Hebrew website.

For more information on how to apply please visit this page: https://info.huji.ac.il/en-overseas/general_information/BA