The Leading Communications Department in Israel 

The Noa Mozes Department of Communication and Journalism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is ranked first among all the communication departments in Israel, and twenty-fifth in the world (according to the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, 2021). The department’s local and international standing reflects the excellence of its academic faculty, who are at the forefront of communication research on topics of urgent national and global concern. Thanks to this scholarship we can better grasp the complexities and challenges of the contemporary era – an era in which communication processes and media technologies have become fundamental to the lives of individuals, cultures, societies and nation-states.

The department is the Israel’s oldest and largest center of communication scholarship and learning. It offers study programs at all academic levels: BA, MA and doctoral studies. The programs are designed to deepen understanding in key areas of research: internet and social media; political communication and psychological processes; journalism research; visual media and culture; language, discourse and communication; and the theory, history and philosophy of communication and media.

Graduates of the department are employed in a variety of fields, including journalism, radio, television, film, digital media, advertising, marketing and public relations. Our graduates include senior figures in media-related positions across public and private organizations, as well as leading researchers and lecturers in communications departments in Israel and around the world.