B.A Studies

The Bachelor degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem includes majoring in two departments at the faculty of Social Sciences.

Communication and Journalism studies can be combined with a second major.

Studying at the department will deepen the understanding of theoretical research and issues such as:

Political media and behaviour, psychology in communications, influencing the public opinion and the media, journalism and digital journalism, visual communication: photography, film & TV, digital images, history and philosophy of communication technologies, media industries and consumer culture, Language, discourse and communication, Social media and their social, cultural and political implications and more.

The theoretical classes combined with practical workshops and classes where students are introduced to the world of script writing, journalistic editing, advertising and spokesmanship, television, Digital media and user experience and more.


For more information please contact Ms. Orit Krakover from the Academic Secretariat: oritk@savion.huji.ac.il