Digital screens: Communications, culture and cinema

The program offers a unique and international combination of communication studies and cultural studies with the context of digital screens.

The combining of the two traditional studies of communication and culture with the modern media allows a favoured perspective in order to examine and analyse various cultural manifestation, in the local and global context.

The program consists of three main interest areas: Film and visual communication, Popular culture and History of the Media.

The programs lecturers are leading experts in the areas of history, philosophy, cultural studies and researching Israeli and international cinema.

The program aims at excellent students from Social Sciences and Humanities interested in researching and comprehending the various issues, phenomenon and cultural and cinematic commodities in a critical and interpretative perspective. The curricula includes subjects such as Media and memory, Trauma and post trauma in contemporary culture and cinema, Visual Communication and Photography, Israeli culture and film in the turn of the century and Culture in the digital age.

In addition to the theoretical courses, the program offers unique and specific courses including writing workshops, screen writing, film and more.

The MA studies in this program prepare the future generation of researchers, editors, and media men, who deal with the interface between communications, film and culture.